The Importance of Texture in a Skincare Product

The Importance of Texture in a Skincare Product


Texture of the product is linked to how it feels on the skin and its sensory properties BUT the way a product applies is also of critical importance as to how the product performs. For example a thick moisturiser may be perceived as more moisturising by consumer.

When developing your skincare product you can play with the texture of products, creating an array of creams, balms, sprays, lotions, mists etc etc.

Sensorial attributes 

When a consumer chooses your product over others it will be based on some initial form of product differentiation or product benefits. Very rarely a consumer will choose your product based on features. A product’s major point of differentiation is the texture and the sensorial effect it offers. Consumer don’t always think about this because it happens subconsciously. For example, if you can recall last time to tried a skincare product in the shop – a new product perhaps you first smelt it , then used a small bit and applied to your hand. Without even noticing, you will be making sensory assessments as you how much you like or dislike the product , how long does it take to absorb into the skin, the pleasant or not so pleasant scent and after feel.

Consumers link texture to functionality

A research conduced by Mintel in the UK that demonstrated the following:-

  • UK female bodycare users think that a bodycare product is moisturising when it leaves the skin soft to touch .
  • Men in the UK believe a product is most moisturising when it absorbs quickly.

What are you looking for in a product?

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