How to start a natural skincare business


A brief guide to starting a skincare business

Know your Market

Know your audience! Are you creating products for new mums or dads, for teenage girls, for mature sensitive skin? If so what problem are you solving with your product i.e. what solution you are offering to your customer segments. If you feel your brand has the most success by marketing organic then you will need to choose only organic ingredients. Please remember people buy from people so your brand story needs to stand out. Who is your product for?

Keep it simple

To get started, it is always recommended to keep things simple. Focus on a single type of line, i.e. facial only and develop a selection of consistent products for face care. For example acne fighting skincare for mature women or men.

Know your Ingredients

Decide on the problem you wish to solve. Learn about available cosmetic ingredients for your product, i.e. what their benefits are, the max % of usage, sustainability of them etc etc.

Stay Legal

One of the hardest realities in today’s business climate is that before you sell your first product you must be sure that you are legal and your product is safe to be sold to the public.

The key to starting and growing any business is to completely understand what you may be getting involved with and to have a process in place. We specialise in this day in and day out at the Skincare Formulator workshops, offering tailor made natural skincare business workshops and programmes on a 1-2-1 basis and according to your business needs and requirements.

Explore our workshops to find out how you can create your dream job.

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