I am very happy to offer and provide free support to all my participants. However I do have a few rules that I would like you to get yourself familiar with.



You are entitled if taking any of my bespoke workshops to a free support for a limited period of time as detailed below :-

  • Free Support

Support following my workshop means that you can contact me by email if you are stuck with ANY issue relating to the workshop subject you have undertaken at Skincare Formulator premises or remotely in case of Branding Mentoring Course.

Free means it is complimentary and you are not required to pay a fee if you are seeking support within the indicated support period of time which is offered to each participant on the day of the workshop but time frame is given below and varies from workshop to workshop:-



Offered for 4 months from the date workshop has been completed. After 4 months there will a fee payable for support if needed.


support offered for 8 months from the date workshop has been completed. After 8 months there will a fee payable for support if needed. In addition to FREE support participants are fully entitled to 30 minutes FREE consulting either face to face at my premises or and/or over the phone/Skype if living abroad.


  1. Please contact me by email at  hello@skincareformulator.co.uk clearly explaining the issue you are experiencing or obstacles that you need my assistance on. If you have a few issues please list them all under bullet points in one email with a clear subject so it is easy for me to search if an email gets lost in the system. I will decide based on the nature of your problem to either a schedule a phone call with you or respond in writing. All enquiries are answered and resolved within 48 hours or receiving them. If you do not receive my response email within 48 hours timeframe please check your spam folder.


  1. Please do not bombard with me with random emails and text messages on a daily basis