We are passionate about delivering customized and innovative skincare formulations and fragrances that empower inclusivity and make a difference. We specialize in creating unique and personalized solutions for start-ups and established brands alike, helping them to achieve excellence and perfection in their products. By utilizing advanced formulation techniques and carefully selected ingredients, we offer sensory experiences that truly connect with our clients’ brands and create lasting associations. Our goal is to help our clients stand out in a crowded market by delivering personalized solutions that offer a true point of difference and elevate their brands to new heights.

Zaga is a commercially creative skincare formulator who collaborates with start-ups and established businesses to transform their ideas into successful ventures in the skincare and perfumery industry. She is the innovator behind ANTIOXSILK tm, a unique anti-pollution skincare technology that is trademarked and protected in the UK. With a wealth of experience, Zaga has created an array of high-quality skincare products and perfumes for brands across the UK and around the world. She founded Skincare Formulator as a skincare and fragrance atelier, with the aim of sharing her industry expertise and know-how to develop meaningful products with a bespoke, unique touch. At Skincare Formulator, our goal is to help individuals and businesses in the cosmetic and perfumery industry create products with a story behind them that truly connect with their customers.

Skincare formulator founder Zaga Colovic

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