We have a great passion for crafting tailored solutions in skincare formulations and fragrances.

We specialize in offering premium services that cater to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that every product we develop is a reflection of their vision and values.

With a focus on customization and innovation, we empower entrepreneurs and established brands to elevate their offerings to the highest standards of excellence.

Our expertise lies in curating bespoke formulations that stand apart in a market saturated with mass-produced options.

We believe in the power of authenticity and individuality.

That’s why we’ve chosen to steer clear of the mass market and its cookie-cutter approach to skincare and fragrance.

We understand that true luxury lies in exclusivity, in the craftsmanship and attention to detail that simply can’t be replicated in mass-produced products.

 In a world inundated with generic offerings, we stand as a beacon of distinction, inviting our clients to embrace the extraordinary and elevate their brands to new heights of sophistication and prestige.



In the realm of skincare and perfumery, Zaga Colovic stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. As a commercially creative skincare formulator, Zaga collaborates seamlessly with both start-ups and established businesses, transforming their concepts into thriving ventures within the industry. Her expertise knows no bounds, as she continuously pioneers groundbreaking solutions that redefine standards. At the heart of her repertoire lies ANTIOXSILK™, an ingenious anti-pollution skincare technology trademarked and safeguarded in the UK. With an illustrious career marked by a plethora of accomplishments, Zaga has lent her premium skills to crafting an array of high-quality skincare products and perfumes, captivating brands not only across the UK but also around the globe.

The inception of Skincare Formulator was a natural evolution for Zaga, born from her desire to establish a sanctuary where her industry expertise could flourish. At Skincare Formulator, she is dedicated to crafting bespoke creations with a touch of individuality, ensuring that each product has a compelling narrative that resonates deeply with consumers. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Zaga’s mission is clear:

to empower individuals and businesses in the cosmetic and perfumery industry to develop meaningful products that transcend the ordinary.




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